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“Pilates means healthy! As a STOTT Pilates instructor, for me, pilates is not only a great exercise, but it is also a part of rehabilitation. For example, if our bodies start to feel sore or unwell, pilates can magically heal our bodies through its movements.”

– Witri Okta (iSometric STOTT Pilates Instructor)

STOTT Pilates Instructor

Witri, with her skill as a licensed Physiotherapist, started being a STOTT pilates instructor in iSometric Pilates studio Jakarta since October 2013. She was awarded a Diploma by the University of Indonesia majoring in Physiotherapy and she has also pursued her study at Udayana University.

For consecutive two years, she had worked as a physiotherapist at a private clinic in Bali. From her experiences, she saw a pattern in her patients’ behaviors. As Witri loves sports and exercises, she was curious with Pilates, a workout associated with her educational background. She began to research about pilates through her friends, books and Internet. After collecting information about pilates, Witri finally decided to study pilates further, enrolling at STOTT Pilates in Jakarta.

Based on her experiences, she has found different behavioral patterns in people who undergo physiotherapy and people who take pilates sessions. People who have once undergone physiotherapy may come back with the same discomfort because of the patients’ daily activities such as a bad body posture at work and a lack of exercise, which result an inactivity of their core muscles.

As for people who take pilates sessions, pilates helps changing people’s behavioral patterns. It helps to release the pain from people’s bodies through its movements. Since pilates is an active workout, people who take pilates sessions became more enthusiastic in making an effort of being healthy. In addition, it helps to improve body posture. It also works as awareness for people to keep good posture while they are at work.

With Witri’s physiotherapy background, she applies the knowledge she learned from physiotherapy to her pilates training. The result of applying her knowledge to pilates is very great towards people’s bodies. It helped Witri’s clients in having a healthier body as well as improving people’s body postures.

Witri, a STOTT pilates instructor in iSometric Pilates studio Jakarta, continues to explore her pilates skills through her trainings in improving body posture for those people who are committed to have a healthier body. She is one of our certified instructors!

One of the best moments Witri had in iSometric Pilates studio Jakarta was when she had a client with polio. Before coming to iSometric Pilates studio Jakarta, Witri’s client was limping and could not stand with both feet. Because her client was very diligent during the pilates workouts classes, now her client could support both legs to be able to exercise normally.

So, book your schedule now for pilates workout classes in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta with our best STOTT Pilates instructors!