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If you have not try Pilates before, you probably won’t know what Pilates can do to your body. Pilates makes your whole body healthier from inside out. Pilates is a great exercise for every age group, from children to elders. So, you do not need to worry about starting Pilates anytime! Here are two hidden facts about Pilates that will surprise you! 

#1 Pilates Burns Your Calories All Day Long

Did you know that Pilates burns your calories even after you are done practicing Pilates? Pilates counts as resistance training in which makes you burn your calories all day long.

“Resistance training, the essence of Pilates, is scientifically proven to create lean muscle and rev up your metabolism to burn calories all day long,” said the celebrity pilates instructor, Alycea Ungaro.

Thus, not only that Pilates helps you burn your calories, but it also helps you build strong muscles all over your body! Come on ladies and gentlemen, dare yourself to try pilates today! So, that is the first hidden fact about Pilates!

#2 Pilates on Matt is Vintage Pilates

Most of vintage Pilates moves are done on top of a matt. There are 34 original mat exercises, which include The Hundreds, Single Leg Stretch and The Roll Up. Mat exercises are proven to be effective in various ways. Pilates equipment such as Cadillac Pilates Equipment (Read more on Cadillac Pilates Equipment to Intensitify Your Body) and Pilates Reformer Exercise Equipment (Read more on Pilates Reformer Exercise Equipment) help you with Pilates moves which are difficult in matt. That is our second hidden fact about Pilates!


So, there you have it! Two hidden facts about pilates that may surprise you! Interested to know more? Read more on iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta’s blog or come by our pilates studio anytime! iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta is always open for you and we will gladly welcome you!