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There are layers of level to pilates’ movements, meaning some of pilates movements are considered harder than the others. Easy pilates moves, focusing on preparing your body for pilates, fall under the beginner level. Difficult pilates moves, focusing on challenging you, are considered as advanced level. However, let’s start with the top three basic pilates moves for beginners first, before we learn the advanced pilates moves.

Below are list of the top three basic pilates moves for beginners! These three basic pilates moves will definitely bring a lot of advantages to your body.


#1 The Hundred

The Hundred focuses on your breathing as well as your core. It teaches you to build core strength, stamina, and coordination. In this move, you are expected to raise your legs along with your knee straight while your shoulders and head are curling. It also includes pumping of your arms up and down while you are breathing in and out. You also need to make sure that your body is balanced during the workout.


#2 The Roll Up

The Roll Up is great for your spine as well as your abdominal muscles. It helps your spine to articulate and build your core muscles. This moves start by extending your arm toward the ceiling while you lie facing upwards. Then, curl from your chin to your chest as you roll up into a sitting position and your hand reaching your feet.


#3 The Roll Over

The Roll Over emphases on your spinal articulation, which involves controlling your abdominal muscles while you perform this move. This move is challenging because of the hip lift. You are supposed to lift you hips as your legs pointing the ceiling. Then, you roll over but make sure it only goes as far as your shoulders, not your neck.


If you want to know more about pilates for beginners, check out our Pilates 101 article series or you can simply come to iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta at Tebet and try our pilates workouts classes!