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In iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, we offer you a gateway to bring back your healthy lifestyle! Do you know the reasons why pilates is a good exercise for women? We already talked about Pilates for Men: Reasons Why Men Should Do Pilates and Why It is Great for Them, now let’s talk about why pilates is great for various different reasons for all women out there! Don’t believe us? Here are three reasons why pilates is a good exercise for women!


#1 Your Abs Will Definitely Feel All The Pilates

Reasons Why Pilates is A Good Exercise for Women

Pilates concentrates mainly on your core. Because pilates strengthens your core, it will also strengthens your rectus abdominis. This rectus abdominis is muscle that result for those sexy six-packs. Moreover, pilates also reduce any muscle imbalances! However, to gain that healthy body, you need to do it regularly. It takes time to be healthy and you should maintain that healthy routines, so your body will be strong and energized.

#2 Pilates Helps to Hone Your Focus

Not only that pilates is great to have a healthy body, but it helps your mind also! Ladies, you have to maintain your focus while doing pilates. There are three main things that you should pay attention in pilates. One is your breath, second is your body and last but not least is how they can move together. Pilates is not as easy as it looks like. Your focus is divided into three parts while you have to maintain your movements. It is a little bit tricky, but pilates is a fun exercise with minimal impact on your joints.


#3 Pilates Reduces Your Daily Stress!

Reasons Why Pilates is A Good Exercise for WomenFor you women who have chores, laundry and work, pilates is a great way to distract yourself from all that stress! While you are doing pilates, your focus will be on the pilates and you would not have time to think about all those responsibilities that weighing down on your shoulders everyday! You will concentrate on your breathing and movement. Thus, pilates is an brilliant way to relieve stress.

So ladies, now you know! Three reasons why pilates is a good exercise for women! Intrigued to know more? Read more on iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta’s blog or come by our pilates studio anytime! iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta is always open for you and we will gladly welcome you!