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Committing to a healthy lifestyle is a big step and exercising regularly is a must to live a healthy lifestyle! Pilates is the right exercise for you to start a healthy lifestyle. Pilates does not only focus on your core, but it is a total body workout! Your body will definitely feel the impacts of pilates. Pilates is more than just a fancy exercise, here are three reasons why pilates is great for a healthy lifestyle:


#1 Pilates Does Not Only Affect Your Body, but Your Mind as Well

Pilates stimulates your brain in which can be refreshing for your mind. Did you know that pilates can help you be smarter? In China, a study was done to measure changes in the brain activity while exercising pilates. They found out that there is an increase in the brain’s alpha peak power after 10 weeks of training. Thus, this part of the brain has the ability to think and solve problems. Pilates also connects your body with your mind where you have to concentrate, focus and meditate in order to enhance your mental health.

#2 Who Says You Cannot Exercise While Being Pregnant?

Finding difficulties in choosing a safe exercise while being pregnant? Pilates is the right answer for you! Ladies, pilates is totally safe for you and your baby! Pregnancy brings a lot of changes to your body, but do not worry because pilates can help you. Pilates may shorten your labour and it helps to reduce back pain and pelvic pain. So, it is definitely recommended for you all pregnant women out there! Come to iSometric Pilates studio Jakarta to try our pre or post natal pilates workouts classes!

#3 Pilates is a gentle but challenging exercise!

Do not be fooled by the pilates poses that might look easy, especially the sitting poses. Pilates is known for being a low-impact form of exercise that does not force your joints. Although, it is a gentle exercise but it is definitely a challenging exercise in which have categories from beginner to advanced! Your body will adapt and improve as the exercise intensifies.


That is three reasons why pilates is great for a healthy lifestyle. What are you waiting for? Try you first pilates workouts classes in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta to feel all the goodness! We provide you with the best service and you can book your schedule anytime!