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Susan Choi is a Korean client in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta. A pilates testimonial from a Korean client could help to improve our services to foreigners. A pilates testimonial from a Korean client could help our instructors and staffs to understand people with different background and culture. Thus, it could enhance the way iSometric Pilates instructors and staffs interact with our foreign clients.

Susan Choi has been practicing pilates in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta for almost three years. She first heard about iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta from her Korean friends. She begun practicing pilates because she felt discomfort around her back and neck. Then, she came to iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta to learn more about pilates.

After Susan Choi started pilates, she feels a lot of changes in her body. Her body became stronger. As she felt the benefits of pilates, she continue practicing pilates continuously and became a regular client in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta.

Other than reducing her back pain and neck pain, pilates helps Susan Choi in golfing. Her hands and legs became a lot stronger in which enhance her movement while playing golf.

For Susan Choi, pilates is not easy and it is expensive which is why some of her friends envy her. Pilates is also a fun exercise for people her age and most of her friends want to try pilates. So far, Susan Choi is satisfied with the service that iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta provides. Pilates has given her various benefits.(Read more about benefits of pilates in our page). She feels healthier and stronger.

That is pilates testimonial from Susan Choi. If you are interested in trying pilates, do come by to iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta! Our door is always open for you. Do not be shy to ask our staffs, we are all very friendly. Book your schedule with us now!