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Client’s satisfaction is our first priority. That is why client’s pilates testimonial is important for us. If you are interested with pilates, do come to our iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta. iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta is open for everyone! We always try to give our best efforts in order to fulfill all your needs! Our pilates instructors are all very friendly and easy to approach.

As clients are our number one priority, pilates testimonial is essential in order for us, iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, to improve. Hearing our clients’ experiences helps us enhance our services. Are you curious what our clients are saying about iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta? Let’s hear what they have to say!

pilates testimonialNeney R. Jayanti has been practicing pilates in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta for about two years. She schedules her pilates workouts classes based on her free time. Neney would practice pilates for a whole month, then have a break afterwards.

Neney first started pilates because of the idea of pilates being an exercise for the elites. For the elites, pilates is a fancy exercise in which provide numerous benefits for both physical and mental.

Before practicing pilates, it was easy for Neney to get tired. In addition, she would also feel unenergetic, if she slept late the night before. However, after she practices pilates, she feels a lot more active and it is harder for her to get weary.

The benefits Neney gains from pilates varied. Neney believes pilates strengthens core muscles. While wearing high heels, she feels a lot stronger than before. Moreover, perfecting posture through pilates has enhance Neney’s life.


“You don’t need to put so much effort, just need concentration. And your willingness to wake up early and get to iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta” – Neney R. Jayanti


Neney believes pilates is an exercise that burns a lot of calories even though it is not as tiring as other exercises. Concentration and willingness are the keys to pilates. With these two key points, you will achieve your goals. In addition, your core will definitely be stronger if you practice pilates regularly.

Neney’s favorite facility in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta is pilates reformer exercise equipment. The reformer is a combination of strength and cardio. It is also great for stretching. For Neney, Pilates is very fun!


That is pilates testimonial from Neney R. Jayanti! Her pilates testimonial has helped iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta to improve our services. We promise you to always give our best! Thank you Ms. Neney for being our loyal client for these past two years. If you are interested to know more about iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, do come to our studio in Tebet! Come anytime and we are ready to serve you!