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iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta always welcome new comers! If you want to know more about iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, you can read all of our pilates testimonials from our clients in our blog. These articles provide you a closer look to what pilates is like in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta. Now, let’s hear pilates testimonial from Galuh!

pilates testimonial

Galuh Sari has known pilates for about three years. She started knowing pilates because she knew the owner of iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, Annette (Read Annette Liana Dewi and Pilates Healthy Living to know more about Annette). Galuh and Annette became closer as Galuh joined Zumba class in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta.

Then Galuh and Annette had a long conversation, day by day, until they found out that they both have the same problem. Both Galuh and Annette used to have backpain but ever since they practice pilates, the pain lessen! Annette shared about the benefits of pilates for back pain and how pilates can get the posture of our body back to normal. Galuh was hooked with the idea of pilates and started practicing pilates regularly. She can barely feel the back pain now!

One day, Galuh was curious about Martial Art, Muaythai. iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta facilitates Muaythai. Annette as the owner of iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta joined to learn Muaythai with Galuh. Because Annette introduced her into various exercises, her curiosity for other exercises and sport is gaining! She has now tried Hip Hop class and Pound Fit. Galuh and Annette now do different kind of sport together because they both have the same passion for sport!

So, that is pilates testimonial from Galuh Sari, the woman who fell in love with pilates and other exercises! She is now living a healthy lifestyle and her back pain is gone! Pilates provides various benefits, which can be beneficial for your bod. Come to iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta now to try pilates!