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iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta loves to hear pilates testimonial from our clients! The more feedbacks we gain from our lovely clients, the better we can serve you. Hearing pilates testimonial from our clients helps us to reflect on ourselves. By reflecting ourselves, we can improve our service better.pilates testimonialDona Antonia is a client in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta. She started practicing pilates three years ago. She could not do it constantly due to her busy schedule, but she has been active in these past few months.

The first reason she started pilates is because she had back pain. In addition, Dona has also scoliosis in which her spine tends to curve to the side. Due to back pain and scoliosis, she could not do workout, which has a high impact. Thus, she chose pilates because it is a low impact workout and great for reducing back pain.

After three sessions in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, Dona already felt the changes in her body. Her posture is getting better. Also, her back pain is reduced. Moreover, while she sits on a chair, her back does not get tired easily.

Dona’s favorite pilates move is anything to do with stretching. Stretching helps her to relax and release tensions in her body. That is why pilates is great for both your body and mind.

Two of her favorite pilates tools in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta is Pilates Reformer Exercise Equipment and Cadillac Pilates Equipment. While doing pilates on these two tools, it helps Dona to explore her body where she could feel relax, calm and strong.

iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta is like Dona’s second home where she feels everyone in the studio is her family. Moreover, the pilates tools are complete in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta. The time for the pilates class is also flexible in which Dona could arrange based on her schedule.

“Try pilates at least 10 times and you totally feel the difference. Pilates helps to reduce back pain! And you also get a bonus, pilates makes you slim!” – Dona Antonia

That is pilates testimonial from Dona Antonia. If you are curious to know more about pilates, do come to iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta and try our pilates classes!