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Pilates is not restricted to women only! Men are also welcome in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta. Some of our clients are men and they love doing pilates. We have heard pilates testimonial from Susan Choi and pilates testimonial from Dona Antonia. Now, let’s hear what men say about pilates in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta!pilates testimonialAdika Ryanto was born in 1965. He started doing pilates because he had troubles with his lumbar spine. He felt pain in his spine just below the waist. He tried seeking help from a doctor and he was recommended to try physiotherapy. Adika had gone through 16 sessions of physiotherapy. He felt better, but he could still feel the pain.

Then, his wife suggested Adika to try pilates. He came to iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta to know what pilates is all about. With pilates, Adika felt even better and his body became a lot fresher and lighter than before. After about 10 sessions of pilates workouts classes in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, the pain he felt before lessen and he barely feel it now.pilates testimonialPilates helps Adika in reducing his pain. Not only that, he feels energetic while doing pilates. Adika plans to continue doing pilates because he likes it. He gains various benefits from pilates. Pilates makes his body stronger and healthier!

After gaining pilates testimonial from Adika Ryanto, it is true that pilates helps in reducing pain in your body. Pilates not only works as a workout, but it also works as a therapy. The program plan in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta is modifiable and it is based on your capabilities and needs. So, we do not force you to try pilates movement that you are not ready for.

To learn more about our program, come by to iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta. Our studio is easy to find! Or you can always call us first. We are always open for you! Let’s do pilates together in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta!