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Pilates brings various positive effects to our bodies. We already know that pilates increases flexibility and also, pilates strengthens core muscles in our bodies. It is one of the main goals in pilates. When you have a strong core, it helps to prevent injuries while doing any specific physical activities.


“Not only does it facilitate movement, but it also houses your inner organs and central nervous system.” – Best Health

pilates strengthens core muscles

With strong core, you can do just about everything! And with pilates, there is no doubt that it will strengthen your core muscles. Pilates strengthens core muscles as a foundation for your body to move easily. Building a strong core, you need to develop both core stability and core strength.

Core muscle is located around your stomach and back. Core muscles works like an anchor. Thus, it stabilizes your movements and your core needs to be active. It could lead to muscle imbalanced and bad posture, if your core is not active. This is why it is important to have a strong core in your body!


“Your spinal cord is everything, but if you have pressure on it because it isn’t well supported by your core muscles, then it is going to affect your movements. It will eventually cause pain, and that will affect the quality of your life.” – Martha Purdy


Core muscle also protects your vital systems. It helps to ensure everything is protected while you move all day. Core muscle affects everything in your body, meaning that stronger core equals to better health condition.

Pilates strengthens core muscles in which embedded in most of the pilates movements. Most of the pilates movements affect the core muscles, making it much stronger with each pilates session. In addition, the front and back of your body will be balanced if you have a strong core.

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