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There various equipment used for pilates and each equipment serve different purposes. It also brings different benefits towards our bodies. That is why pilates equipment is essential while doing pilates! One of the most well known pilates equipment is pilates reformer exercise equipment.

The first time you see pilates reformer, you will probably wonder and ask yourself, “How do you utilize it?” It was first invented by Joseph Pilates (Read our article “Joseph Pilates: The History of Pilates” to learn more about Joseph Pilates).

A pilates equipment with a sliding carriage equipped with springs, bars and straps. It looks unusual for people who are not used to pilates, however, pilates reformer exercise equipment brings a drastic change for your body when you use it. The purpose of pilates reformer exercise equipment is to build a balanced body and strong core.


Reformer Parts

Pilates Reformer Exercise Equipment

The reformer parts are modifiable in which make it suitable for different body types, sizes and levels of skills. The carriage can move back and forth and it has shoulder blocks to prevent the person sliding off from the carriage. The bars or footbars are used for holding the feet or hands as the person moves on top of the carriage.

Pilates reformer exercise equipment also includes long straps which can be pulled with your hands or legs. There are numerous STOTT Pilates Method movement in which utilize the pilates reformer exercise equipment. It is perfect for your back health, flexibility and body awareness.


Benefits of Reformer: Strong Core, Flexibility and Coordination 

Pilates Reformer Exercise Equipment

With Pilates reformer exercise equipment, your body is expected to roll, twist and curl. Thus, making you work your core through the pilates movement. The resistance from the pulley and spring system results a stronger core for your body. Pilates reformer exercise equipment helps you to attain better posture, flexibility and coordination rather than when you use a Mat or classical fitness core routine.

Moreover, it offers you full range of motion. There are certain lengths in which you may not be able to do on your own. Pilates reformer helps you to move and extend your body. With this pilates equipment, you may become taller, slenderer and sleeker.


Pilates reformer exercise equipment is one of pilates equipment offered by iSometric Pilates studio Jakarta. We have several Pilates reformer exercise equipment ready for you to use!