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Variation of pilates moves concentrate on different part of your body, starting from your feet to your head. Do you ever think about how much time you work on your feet? Your feet have a lot of muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints! Neglecting your feet means that you neglect all of these components! Did you know that before? Foot press on long box helps you to work on your feet!

Foot press on long box focuses on the balance of your feet! However, not only that it works on the alignment of your feet, foot press on long box also works on your whole body. This includes your pelvis!

This pilates move can only be done on the Stability Chair, which provided in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta.

Foot press on long box is great for people who have knee pain. It strengthens the muscles in your thighs. Knee pain happens mostly due to Knee Osteoarthritis. It is a situation where the natural cushioning between the joints (cartilage) wears away. Knee Osteoarthritis caused by many factors. It could happen because you wear high heels too much or your weights put too much pressure on your joints.

Here are the right and wrong positions of foot press on long box:

foot press on long boxfoot press on long box

Although foot press on long box does not heal your knee pain, it helps you to train your muscles to sustain your body. It is an exercise that works best as a foundation for your feet. It is important to work on your feet since your feet are essential for you to walk, stand, jump, run and many more.


In iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, our STOTT pilates instructors will teach you how to work on your feet to gain a healthier body. We have various pilates equipments to enhance your pilates workouts classes! There are other pilates moves, which can be applied on the Stability Chair. Come and visit iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta at Tebet anytime!