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Pilates equipments are invented in order to help you train or practice pilates better. Each pilates equipment serve a different purpose. In iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, we are equipped with various pilates equipment. We have talk about Pilates Reformer Exercise Equipment and Cadillac Pilates Equipment, now let’s talk about Pilates Ladder Barrel.

pilates ladder barrelPilates Ladder Barrel is used for core strength and flexibility exercises. It consists of ladder rungs and a barrel surface. This tool is great for stretching. It helps to extend your body to reach further distance in which your body cannot reach on its own.

Moreover, the adjustable sliding base (which connects the barrel and the ladder) is made that way, so that it can be adjust to different torso sizes and leg lengths

Pilates Ladder Barrel is a challenging tool, which requires high concentration on flexibility. It is very suitable for people who are flexible. Pilates Ladder Barrel will definitely improve your flexibility and mobility.

In iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, we offer Pilates Ladder Barrel for you to stretch your body! Our STOTT instructors are ready to train you. Let’s get flexible! Here are two pilates movements that are usually done on Pilates Ladder Barrel:

Ballet Stretchespilates ladder barrelpilates ladder barrel

Ballet stretches is used to open the side body. It helps to stretches your legs and body. Ballet stretches helps to increase the flexibility in your hips as well as your hamstrings.

Side Bendpilates ladder barrel

Side Bend is great in strengthening obliques. It also helps to train your core since you have to maintain your position on top of the Pilates Ladder Barrel. Side Bend requires you to have good control and balance. Thus, it is a challenging pilates move, but it is recommended for people who have muscular imbalance.


Are you interested to learn more about Pilates Ladder Barrel? Come to iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta and join one of our pilates workouts classes! We will plan a program based on your needs.