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Who says you cannot exercise while being pregnant? If you are pregnant and trying to find a safe exercise, pilates is the right answer for you! Here is one of three reasons why pilates is great for a healthy lifestyle. Pilates is very safe for you and your baby. The movements are not harmful for you and your baby. Pilates can help you have an easier and faster labour. In addition, it also helps to reduce back pain and pelvic pain, which often felt by women who are pregnant. This is why pilates is safe for pregnancy.

Although there are several pilates moves which are not suitable for pregnant women, but pilates is safe for pregnant women. Pilates moves that include lying flat on your stomach is prohibited for pregnant women. Our STOTT Pilates instructor from iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta will guide you to have a safe yet fun pilates session.

Pilates is safe for PregnancyDuring pregnancy, your body is going through various changes in which can be stressful. Your body tends to extend when you are pregnant, from your lumbar to your waist. These extensions are the cause for muscles imbalances, back pain and pelvic pain.

With pilates, it helps you to strengthen both your feet and your hands to sustain your body. Your body tends to bloat during pregnancy in which your feet and hands need to be stronger to be able to sustain your weight.

Pilates is safe for pregnancy because it also prepares you during labour as well as after your baby is born. Pilates make it easier for you to give birth. Moreover, with stronger hands, you can carry your baby easier.

As for the baby, they say that your baby tend to record your heartbeat. Your heartbeat tends to be high when you are angry and exercising. However, it is healthy heartbeat if you are exercising. Having healthy heartbeat is important because your heartbeat affects your baby’s mental.

In iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, we offer pre and post natal pilates workouts classes! Feel the fun and effects of pilates even during pregnancy. For you mothers out there, come by our lovely studio anytime and try our pilates workouts classes!