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We all know that pilates brings a lot of benefits for our bodies, both physically and mentally. One of those benefits is flexibility. Pilates increases flexibility in our bodies if you do it regularly.


“Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit…” – Joseph Pilates

pilates increases flexibilityPilates is great for both your mind and body, which is why pilates is suitable for anyone. Pilates increases flexibility that would improve your performance while doing any physical activities as well as daily activities. iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta offers you pilates workouts classes that would help you to improve your flexibility.

In pilates, there are various movements that aim to stretch your muscles, body as well as your range of motion. Stretching is important for your body to be able to move freely.


“The slow, deliberate stretching that is performed during pilates classes and private sessions strengthens the basic muscle groups in a logical sequence, while also targeting the smaller muscles groups. These smaller muscles are typically ignored in weight lifting and other workouts,…”


This is why pilates is different from other exercises. Pilates strengthens your body from its roots, making it much stronger. In addition, as pilates increases flexibility, it would also prevent any injuries while you do any physical activities.


Here are two pilates movements which could improve your flexibility:


The Mermaid Stretch

The mermaid stretch can be done in various pilates equipment such as the Cadillac and Pilates Reformer Exercise Equipment. It is a part of stretching. In iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, our STOTT Pilates instructors would usually give you this movement at the end of the pilates session. It is used to stretch out your side muscles.


Spine Twist

Spine twist focuses on the rotation. It helps to enhance the flexibility in the rotation of your body. Spine twist helps you to develop control of oblique abdominals and also train you to use your core muscles rather than your shoulders for rotation.


Thus, pilates increases flexibility, which could positively affect your daily life. When your muscles are stiff and not flexible, you can hurt yourself while doing certain activities. With pilates, we can prevent that from happening. So, Book your schedule now at iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta!