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Did you know that pilates improves physical balance and coordination? Pilates helps in lengthening and stretching major muscles groups inside your body in balanced manner in which there are no muscle imbalances.

High concentration is required in pilates because you have to be able to control your body for each movement. Breathing pattern and rhythm are essential in pilates! Plus, pilates is great for stress management and relaxation.

In pilates, you are taught to train both right and left side of your body. In addition, it also trains both your left brain and your right brain. Physical balance and coordination is important to ensure the quality of your performance in your daily activities.

In iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, our pilates instructors will guide you to work on both sides of your muscles. For example, if you are a golfer, it is possible that you have muscle imbalance. While you are golfing, you only focus on one side of your hand or leg. This causes muscle imbalance. We could help you to train both sides of your hands or legs to return to a balance position. This is why pilates improves physical balance and coordination.

Here are two pilates movement that focus on your physical balance and coordination:

Standing Leg Presspilates improves physical balance and coordination

Standing leg press can be done on a Stability Chair and Cadillac Pilates Equipment. Standing leg press focuses on your lower body. It helps in building balance and strength in the glutes and legs. If you want a balance and strong lower body, you should try this move!

Side Split on Pilates Reformer Exercise Equipmentpilates improves physical balance and coordination

Side split works for abduction and adduction. It is a full-on powerhouse power move. It helps to explore your maximum range of motion but you have to control your movement. It will definitely challenge your balance and it improves your posture! In addition, it increases the flexibility around your hips.


Now you know why physical balance and coordination are important! If you want to learn more on how pilates improves physical balance and coordination, come to iSometric Pilates Jakarta anytime you want! Our door is always open for you.