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When we are in a state of stress, our bodies tend to create a chemical reaction called “fight-or-flight” as a stress response. When your body responds to stress (physical, mental, and emotional response), your heart rate will increase, your breathing pattern will be faster, your muscles will be tensed, and your blood pressure will increase. With pilates, it can help you to control your stress. Pilates is great for stress management and relaxation! It may reduce or even eliminate negative impacts of stress.

Stress affects muscular system in your body. Your muscles tense up when you are experiencing stress and it will return to normal when you are relaxed or calmed. However, if you experience continuous stress, then your muscles do not have time to relax. In result, you may experiencing headaches, back pain, and pain throughout your body because your muscles are tensed.

As a stress relief, you can try one of pilates principles which called, breathing. It helps you to control your stress. There are certain patterns in pilates breathing in which can help to relieve stress. When you breath in the right way, then the oxygen will enter your lungs in maximum level and it could also accelerate blood flow to your brain. Blood flow that contains a good amount of oxygen is great for your brain and it will help to relax your body and mind.Pilates is Great for Stress Management and RelaxationPilates movement such as Breathing Forward and Stretching help to relieve stress and make you relax. You can do these two movement in Cadillac Pilates Equipment.Pilates is Great for Stress Management and RelaxationIn iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, we provide you a space for you to concentrate on the present moment in which you have to leave all your worries behind! You are required to focus on your pilates movement. Unconsciously, it will calm your mind and body.

Some of our clients in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta may come to the studio feeling angry, but they become calm right after their sessions. Pilates helps you to control your own emotions. Pilates is great for stress management and relaxation. So, if you are having a bad day, just come to our studio to relieve your stress!