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We all know that men prefer hardcore workouts rather that soft workouts, but do you know that pilates brings various benefits to your bodies? (Read more on Three Reasons Why Pilates is Great for A Healthy Lifestyle). Compare to soft workouts, the risk of over-training your body is higher in hardcore workouts. This is why men should do pilates! Pilates for men is a must because it will enhance your life!

pilates for menPilates for men is great because it is useful for rehabilitation. Pilates may reduce men who have discomfort in their bodies. Moreover, pilates works as a posture corrector in which makes your posture better than before.

Did you know that pilates focuses on your neglected muscle groups? Your body consists of different parts of muscles. Mostly you only focus on the muscles you use in your daily movement. Pilates helps you to train those neglected muscle groups, which makes your body even stronger!

Flexibility is very important even for men! With pilates, it will definitely make you flexible. The more muscle mass, the less flexible you will be. Thus, you need pilates to make your body flexible. Flexibility helps you to stretch, so that you can avoid having strains and injuries.

Pilates for men is essential because it helps to develop your core strength in which stabilize the trunk as well as protect the back. Pilates is a whole-body workout and it is great for foundation of your body, so you can exercise and do sport better!

pilates for menIn iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, we have several men clients. Some of them are athletes (Taekwondoin and swimmer) and some are men who have discomfort in their bodies. Some of pilates instructors in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta are men. They will help you to build your core strength to hit your base abs muscle. Come and sign up your name in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta now!