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Who says pilates is strictly for adults? Pilates is for kids too! Did you know that pilates can increase your children’s concentration in class? Pilates brings various benefits for your children, from increasing your children’s self-esteem to building stronger bodies for your children. Pilates for kids is great because pilates is a low-impact workout. Children are not recommended to do hardcore exercises. That is why pilates is suitable for children.

pilates for kids

iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta recommend your children to take pilates class. Pilates for kids is physically and mentally beneficial. Pilates helps to build strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination without adding any muscle bulk. It was said that children who do pilates are more likely to have better posture and less prone to injury.

Pilates for kids class is available in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta (Read Pilates Workouts Classes in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta to learn more)! The duration of the class is about an hour. In this class, our pilates instructors will teach your children pilates in a fun and interactive way. We focus on your children’s flexibility and strength.

As children tend to lose focus during exercises, games play an important role in pilates for kids class. Pilates for kids class in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta is very flexible. We create program based on your children’s needs. With a suitable program, your children can stay focus during pilates.

It is always challenging to teach children pilates rather than adults. We always apply the five basic of pilates in class whether it is for adults or kids. Moreover, children rely on visual. It is easier to give an example of the movement by showing it, so children could follow and mimic the movement.

If you are curious about pilates for kids, come and ask our pilates instructors only at iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta anytime. Bring your kids and try our pilates for kids class!