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Pilates has numerous movements and each movement focuses on different parts of the body. Pilates breaststroke prep is one of the foundational pilates movements. It is used to warm up your spine and prepare it for extension.

Moreover, pilates breaststroke prep helps you to strengthen your back muscles. It is great for workers who spend most of their time, sitting in front of their desks. Pilates breaststroke prep is also good for housewives who like to cook and people who have weak back.

Pilates breaststroke prep introduces people on how to work the stability on their shoulders and scapula. Having a stable shoulders and scapula, it would help your back to build a better posture.

In this movement, it teaches you how to stabilize your shoulders before you raise your back. It focuses on the mid to upper part of your body. In addition, it teaches you to isolate your movement because your waist need to be in a relax condition while your back have to work!

Pilates breaststroke prep also helps lessen your back pain. In addition, iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta uses this movement to prepare your body before you try any difficult movements! Do not force your body when you are not ready! Understanding of the body is important for a smoother pilates session.

How to Do Pilates Breaststroke Prep

pilates breaststroke prepYou can start by lying on your belly, your face facing the mat. Your legs have to be zipped close and arms forming a “w” with fingertips in line with your eyes. Engage your abs lightly and do not forget to breath in through your nose and breath out through your mouth.


If you are confused on how to do this movement, come to iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta and we will teach you how to properly do this movement! Book your pilates workouts classes with us now!