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What is STOTT Pilates Method? As iSometric Pilates studio Jakarta concentrates on STOTT Pilates, it is necessary for you to understand what STOTT Pilates is.

“STOTT PILATES is a contemporary approach to the original exercise method pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates.”

– Merrithew

stott pilates method

STOTT Pilates method is an exercise developed by Joseph Pilates back in the 1900s (Read our article “Joseph Pilates: The History of Pilates” for more information). It is a fun and healthy exercise for all ages.

Pilates has various different genres such as Classic Pilates, Polestar Pilates and STOTT Pilates. Different genres serve different purposes. Classic Pilates method is good for people who are already flexible and been doing exercises for a long time.

As for STOTT Pilates method, it is great for rehabilitation. The reason why STOTT Pilates method is great for rehabilitation is because STOTT Pilates method prepare you first before doing any specific movement. Thus, if you are not able to do one specific movement, with STOTT Pilates, you can adjust with the movement based on your capabilities.

“Stott Pilates works off the foundation of exercises provided by classical Pilates, but instead of recommending a “straight” spine as Joseph Pilates did, the program recommends that exercises honor the natural curvature of the spine.”

What makes STOTT Pilates stand out and unique is because of its adjustment to each individual. Each individual has his or her own needs and capabilities. STOTT Pilates method concentrates on individual’s goals. It does not force one’s body to do a certain movement without any preparation, so it would avoid any injuries and unnecessary tensions. It prevents and assists people with irregular postures and works as similar to theraphy. With STOTT Pilates method, the movements can be modified based on the conditions of the clients’ bodies.

In iSometric Pilates studio Jakarta, we provide you with the best STOTT Pilates method with our best STOTT Pilates Instructors. Our door is always open for you! Book your schedule with us now!