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Are you interested with pilates? Have you ever wondered why pilates is important for your body? In iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, we give you the best pilates workouts for beginners.

iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta offers you the best program for your first time. We create your pilates workout routine based on your capabilities. In iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, our pilates instructors will teach you the basic of pilates for you to have a smooth, healthy and fun exercise with us. You only need to prepare your comfy workout clothing and we will explain the rest to you as we go along the pilates session.

In iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, we concentrate on STOTT Pilates. Our Pilates workouts for beginners include Five Basic Principles of Stott Pilates. The five basic principles are Breathing, Pelvic Placement, Rib Cage Placement, Scapular Movement & Stabilization, and Head & Cervical Placement.


Breathing in pilates workouts for beginners is used to ensure the flow of oxygen to the muscles in your body. A good breathing pattern would prevent unnecessary tension, which sometimes happens in the neck, shoulders and mid-back. In addition, breathing correctly would increase your focus and concentration.

Pelvic Placement

Emphasizing on the stabilization of the pelvis and lumbar spine statically and dynamically is very vital and it should be done while you are doing all pilates movements and in any positions. The two main positions are called Neutral and Imprint. If you are interested to know more about it, please do come to iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta.

Rib Cage Placement

The effect on thoracic or upper spine is based on the placement of the rib cage. You need to pay attention to the position of the rib cage when you are inhaling or elevating the arms. To guarantee a proper alignment, concentrate on the engagement of the obliques.

Scapular Movement & Stabilization

The stabilization of the scapulae on the rib cage is critical while exercising. The muscle on the neck and shoulder may overwork if the stability is lacking. The concentration on the scapular stabilization could result a greater range of motion to the arms and scapulae.

Head & Cervical Placement

The cervical spine or neck should hold its natural curve. You head should be stable at all time directly above your shoulders when sitting, lying and standing.


Pilates is open for anyone. In iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, we offer you pilates workouts for beginners in which you can also learn about STOTT Pilates as you take one of our pilates workouts classes. So, prepare your pilates outfits and get sweaty with us!