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There are many components in terms of building a healthy life. One of those components is to have a good posture. By having better posture, your life would be enhanced automatically. Perfecting posture through pilates is one of many ways to achieve that good posture!

Pilates’ main goal is to improve your posture through its movements. Pilates moves are designed in various ways so that you can correct your posture. Moreover, pilates teaches you to always go back to neutral position in which provides the right alignment.

What it means by neutral position is supporting your body in a relaxed position in which your joints are aligned, lessening pressure on your tendons, muscles and skeletal system. Perfecting posture through pilates helps you to remind yourself how important it is to maintain in a neutral position.

To gain that neutral position, it includes Kyphotic and Lordotic Posture. Your spine has five sections, which are called Cervical Spine, Thoracic Spine, Lumbar Spine and Sacral Spine & Coccyx. The cervical and lumbar’s natural position is named kyphotic and as for thoracic spine, it is named as lordotic. Kyphotic and Lordotic Posture help you to avoid muscle imbalance.

In iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, we teach you on how to properly do the pilates moves while still maintaining your neutral position. Here are two movements that can help perfecting posture through pilates:


Pilates Breaststroke Prep

perfecting posture through pilatesPilates breaststroke prep is one of the foundational pilates movements. It is used to warm up your spine and prepare it for extension. It also helps to strengthen your back muscles. Pilates breaststroke prep introduces people on how to work the stability on their shoulders and scapula. (Read more information on our “Pilates Breaststroke Prep to Warm Up Your Spine” article)


Foot Press on Long Box

perfecting posture through pilatesFoot press on long box focuses on the balance of your feet! However, not only that it works on the alignment of your feet, foot press on long box also works on your whole body. This includes your pelvis! (Read our “Pilates Move! Foot Press on Long Box!” article to know more)


Four Tips for Perfecting Posture

perfecting posture through pilates

  1. Know the right posture
  2. Maintain your neutral position
  3. Sit on your sit bone
  4. Have a balanced weight on your shoulders


In iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, we provide perfecting posture through pilates. Come by to our lovely studio anytime!