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“Pilates is an exercise that is not only good for your health but you can also have several goals in one exercise! For example, your goals are correcting your posture and loosing weights.”

– Isa Cahya Permadi (iSometric STOTT Pilates Instructor)

STOTT Pilates InstructorIsa joined iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta back in January 2016, so he has been a STOTT instructor for about one year. His basic is physiotherapy and he has worked in a clinic before. While he was working there, he learned that some of the patients there are recommended to take pilates classes. His curiosity for pilates heightens and want to know more about pilates. Based on his research, he knew that pilates is a great exercise. Then, he joined iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta.

Isa usually teaches private classes (Read Pilates Workouts Classes in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta to know more about different types of pilates workouts classes) in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta because he focuses on the clients who are in rehabilitation.

pilates ladder barrel

Based on his experience in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, his clients are polite and easy to approach. His clients mostly have their own goals before they start practicing pilates. Most of his clients are women, ranging from 20 to 30 years old. But, he also teaches kids.

As a STOTT instructor, teaching kids is more challenging than teaching adults because kids tend to lose focus while exercising. Isa needs to create a fun and interactive program for kids, so they can stay focus while practicing pilates! Although it is challenging to teach kids, but he finds teaching kids pilates entertaining.

To be a STOTT instructor, it is not easy and Isa has experienced different challenges. However, he feels that everyone in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta is like a family.


If you want to learn from Isa, come by our lovely pilates studio anytime. Book your schedule now with us! Our door is always open for you!