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“I’m happy that I’m a STOTT Pilates instructor! Pilates for me is a complete exercise, meaning that pilates does not only strengthen our muscles, but we can also train our breathing pattern, concentration as well as our postures.”

– Indra Gunawan (iSometric STOTT Pilates Instructor)


Indra Gunawan, or usually called Indra, became a STOTT Pilates instructor in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta since 2015. Thus, he has worked as a STOTT Pilates instructor for about 2 years.STOTT pilates instructorIndra joined iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta because of several reasons. At first, he was not interested with the idea of Pilates. He has this idea that Pilates is a women exercise because it looks feminine.

Then one day, Indra fell from a tree and hurt his back. After that, while he was watching a movie in a cinema, he got a relapse. He could not stand from his chair to the point where the security of the cinema had to help him stand. From then, his friend suggested him to try Pilates.

Indra then tried pilates and surprisingly it worked. The pain in his back was healed. Pilates brings various benefits to our bodies (Read more on Pilates Improves Physical Balance and Coordination to Enhance Your Performance to know more about other benefits of Pilates). After getting a taste of what pilates is like, Indra fell in love with pilates and continue to study more about pilates.STOTT pilates instructorAs a STOTT Pilates instructor, Indra teaches body calisthenics too in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta. Body calisthenics is a weight-loss program. In iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, the body calisthenics is different. We use pilates instruments such as bosu, TRX and mattress in the program. Moreover, Indra applies Pilates methods to his body calisthenics program to avoid any severe injuries.

Indra is very happy to be a STOTT Pilates instructor because he gets to share his passion with other people and heal other people. It makes him feel content! Pilates became a part of Indra’s daily life!


“I want to create a lifestyle where Pilates is not an obligation, but it became a necessity. Pilates clearly change my life to be better!

– Indra Gunawan (iSometric STOTT Pilates Instructor)


For those of you who is curious about pilates, do not be shy to visit our studio! If you want to be taught by Indra, come to our studio now. Indra is ready to be your STOTT Pilates instructor! iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta is located in Tebet! Start your pilates with us today!