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Group Session

June 13, 2016

Duet Session

June 13, 2016

Private One on One

June 13, 2016

About Isometric Pilates Jakarta

The establishment of Isometric Pilates Studio Jakarta will expand knowledge and understanding within the increasingly diverse world of sport fitness.

Within the amazing variety of sports available today, we are able to experience a broad range of advances and even observe mistakes, as we attempt to improve exercise patterns – a practical and important activity for everyone regularly committed to workout, so they will enjoy a healthier body and fitter life. For those who injured themselves during the exercise, we might suggest them to take a break and decide to resume their sports program later; in some cases they are even no longer allowed to exercise.

By introducing iSometric Pilates Jakarta, sportsmen will expect benefits for their body; they will feel better doing their workout, and especially minimizing injury, or even risk no injury at all. This happens because Pilates can tighten muscles, regulate breathing and overcome weight problems through a “LOW IMPACT” workout; effective in correcting body posture and in strengthening “CORE MUSCLES”.

Pilates is therefore very helpful for us in carrying out our daily activities.

“Pilates is an intelligent exercise with profound results”

Isometric Studio

“The aim of Pilates is to increase muscle flexibility, posture correction and to strengthen the muscle cores.”

Isometric Studio

Why Choose Isometric Pilates Jakarta ?

iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta is a fully equip pilates studio with Stott pilates method. We provide individual, classes, and small groups with tailored workout programmes that span general health and fitness improvement to specialised sports preparation or injury rehabilitation. The quiet, clean and relaxed studio is located on Jalan Tebet Barat VIII No.5, Tebet Barat, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia.

iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta offers you an easy exercise formula that allows you to work out in a group of up to six or work out one-to-one, at a time to suit you. You are not restricted by scheduled timetables.

You decide when you want a Pilates session: the hour, the day, the equipment, the friends, colleagues or partner.

We also ready for you that love to join our CARDIO exercice such as Zumba, Step Aerobics, Boxing nad Yoga. Get ready for our New classes every month.

Just bring your proper exercise cloth, and get ready to sweat!!

Please call us for more information on prices and booking classes.