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“Pilates is a great exercise for rehabilitation. It aims to make your body healthier whether it is physically or mentally. Pilates is very good for you!”

– Hifzillah Army (iSometric STOTT Pilates Instructor)


Hifzillah Army, or usually called Zillah, joined iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta on October 2016. The first time she saw iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, she was intrigued by the home-like atmosphere of the studio. The studio is clean and light. After she got in and met the people inside of the studio, her impression of iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta increased since they are all very friendly. Moreover, the seniors also taught her various lessons. The seniors shared their experiences with her so that she could got the overview what pilates is all about.

STOTT pilates instructorZillah’s expertise is actually physiotherapy. However, she can apply the lessons she learned from being a physiotherapist to pilates. Since pilates is not only an exercise, but can also be a form of rehabilitation. Skills of physiotherapy are highly applicable in pilates.

Zillah knew pilates since she was in Junior High School. She knew pilates from a friend of hers. Her friend’s sister works as a pilates instructor. That is the first time she was introduced to pilates. From there, she learned a lot about pilates. Then by the time Zillah was in university, she wanted to try pilates. Pilates slowly grew on her and she got curious and want to learn more about pilates. Now, she is a STOTT Pilates Instructor in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta.

As Zillah became a STOTT Pilate Instructore, she usually teaches private one on one pilates workouts classes. Plus, most of the time she teaches her clients more on the Pilates Reformer Exercise Equipment.


“For those of you who haven’t tried pilates, I personally recommend you to try it! Pilates is great! Especially, for people who have health conditions such as back pain, neck pain, and osteoarthritis.”

– Hifzillah Army (iSometric STOTT Pilates Instructor)


STOTT pilates instructorUnlike any other exercises, with pilates, the amount of tensions and injuries are small since it is a light exercise yet it has various benefits. Zillah mentioned pilates is great way for you to correct your postures!

For Zillah, being a STOTT Pilates Instructor means that you have to adapt to different situations. Each client might has a different way of communicating in which Zillah have to prepare for. She has encountered different types of client.

One of the most memorable experiences she had from being a STOTT Pilates Instructor was when she had a client with low autoimmune and scoliosis. Her client also has to use wheelchair whenever he or she goes. Moreover, her client also has trouble going to work. He or she has to take a sick leave every two weeks or so in a month. However, ever since her client started doing pilates, her client does not need his or her wheelchair anymore and now, she only need to take a sick leave every three days per month. Pilates changes her client’s life! Amazing!


For those of you who want to know more about pilates, do not be shy to visit our studio! If you want to be taught by Zillah, come to our studio now. Zillah is ready to be your STOTT Pilates instructor! iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta is located in Tebet! Start your pilates with us today!