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We have talked about Pilates Reformer Exercise Equipment before, now let’s talk about Cadillac Pilates Equipment! It is one of the most used equipment for pilates. Cadillac pilates equipment may look strange for people who are not used to pilates, however, this pilates equipment brings various benefits to your body.

Cadillac pilates equipment has many elements, consisting leg and arms springs, loops to hang on, a push-up bar as well as a trapeze. Each element can be used for different kinds of pilates moves.

The design of Cadillac may seem rather odd. It was first designed for bed-ridden patients. It was designed that way to help bed-ridden patients to exercise. But now, there are many variations to Cadillac Pilates Equipment.

The elements have their own perks in building a stronger and healthier body. Take the springs of the Cadillac for example. It helps to strengthen your body and improve your flexibility.


Here are three pilates moves that utilize Cadillac Pilates Equipment:


Forward Push-Through

Forward Push-Through is great to stretch your body. Some parts of your muscles would work for your flexibility and some parts would work for strengthening. It concentrates on your upper back, abs and hamstrings.


Sit-Up Combo

cadillac pilates equipmentSit-Up Combo helps to work on your core and increase your abdominal strength. With the element from the Cadillac Pilates Equipment, it makes it easier for you to perform sit up. It is best suited for people who have difficulty in doing sit up manually.


Spread Eagle

Spread Eagle helps to extend your spine. This pilates move includes flexing and extending. It is great for mobility of your spine and posture. You need to strengthen your hands, abdominal and other parts of your body.


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