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Your back is everything since most of the areas on your back affect the other areas around your body. Having a healthy back is the key to pilates healthy living, which could avoid unwanted bad postures and muscle imbalances. Thus, we need a proper exercise in order to build a healthy back. With that in mind, we can build a healthy back through pilates.

Most people, especially men who exercise in the gym, would focus on their chests rather than their backs. However, it is believed that you should focus on your back first before your chest.

When people tend to sit all day during work or at home, exercising your chest before your back could lead to rounding of the shoulders (could lead to an “ape-like” body posture while standing) as well as muscles imbalances. Therefore, it is important to concentrates on your back and it should be your first priority!

With pilates, not only that it builds a healthy back, it also trains your abdominal muscles that can strengthens core muscles. Both your back muscles and abdominal muscles should be strong to avoid back pain and tensions around the body.


Here are two pilates moves that would help to build a healthy back:


Cat Stretch

healthy back through pilatesCat Stretch focuses on stretching your back. It helps to reduce pain and tension on your spine. Cat Stretch is great for people who have stiff and sore back, for example, people who like to walk in heels.


Swan Dive

healthy back through pilatesSwan Dive concentrates on your neck, back and shoulders. It helps to extend spinal articulation. Moreover, it stretches the abdominals as well as hip flexors. Swan Dive is great for creating mobility for your spine.


In iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, we offer this move in our program in order to stretch your back. The benefit of a healthy back through pilates should be felt after around 10 sessions of pilates workouts classes. It should be done regularly. It is best if you do it twice or three times per week. You will definitely feel the difference. However, if you have troubles, we recommend you to take 30 sessions of pilates workouts classes. Come visit our iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta to know more!