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Pilates does not only affect your body, but also your mind as well as your inner serenity and energy! To have a healthy lifestyle, you need to be healthy in both your body and mind. Brain is the most important organ in your body, since it coordinates your actions, reactions, feelings and memories. Pilates goes beyond than just your body, it reaches to the neuron of your brain. This is why you should boost up your brain and memory with pilates!

“The mental power of pilates starts at its foundation, by emphasizes precision, concentration, and memorization of patterns, scientist are proving this leads to enhanced brain function just as much as body function.” – Soumen

The six foundational principles of pilates produce mindful movements. These six foundations principles are Awareness or Control, Concentration, Breath, Flow, Precision, and Centering.

Awareness is used, so that you know where your body in space and time. Concentration is needed to have a complete mental concentration on the body and its placement, and you need to be fully present to the moment. Breath works to coordinate your breath to each of your movement, so that you know when to breath in and when to breath out. Flow is essential to have a sequence movement so your body is in constant motion with the breath and control of the body. Precision is important so that your execution would precisely meet the goal and purpose for every movement. Last but not least, Centering is a must to remind you that movement should start from the core of the body to create a proper body alignment.

By applying these six foundational principles, your body would connect to your mind. Pilates stimulates both your body and mind in various ways. It is not just your typical workout. Try training you brain and memory with pilates in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta to feel all these goodness!

You could enhance your brain and memory with pilates! Based on a study, pilates helps to boost up your brain and memory in a way that it increases the Alpha peak power in the brain. What is Alpha peak power? It is supposed to increase neutral network activity, memory performance and cognitive functions.

“A group of researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign reported in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health that people have significantly superior brain function after a mindful movement practice like Pilates.” – Pilates Brigde

Thus, pilates is not just a typical workout! It can help you to learn, think and memorize better! Moreover, pilates reduce negative emotions and may calm your mind, so that you relieve stress and anxiety (Read more on Pilates is Great for Stress Management and Relaxation to know more).


iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta is a friendly space for you to work on your brain and memory with pilates. Moreover, our studio is open and light to make you feel comfortable to stay in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta. Book your schedule with us now!