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iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta Pilates Healthy Living

“Pilates is an exercise that requires us to feel the movements and it has to be done regularly. I believe in living a healthy lifestyle because I don’t want to get sick when I’m old. Everything comes down to one question, ‘how to live a healthy lifestyle?’. There are various exercises and workouts out there, but first ask yourself, how can we improve our body postures to return to the ideal? Pilates is the answer for me. Pilates stimulates our core muscles and gives our bodies strength. My life has become a pilates healthy living.”

– Annette Liana Dewi


Annette Liana Dewi, Owner of iSometric Pilates studio Jakarta, was first attracted to pilates after she experienced back pain caused by pregnancy. Six months after she gave birth to her second child, she felt an extreme back pain.

During Annette first pregnancy, she gained too much weight and it almost happened to her second pregnancy. “I gained 29 kilograms for my first child and 26 kilograms for my second child”. She realized her back pain worsen after her second pregnancy. She has tried various exercises and workouts, but nothing seems to make her back pain go away.

Later, Annette went to the doctor to get MRI and the result showed that there was a constriction of the spine. The doctor told her to get an operation but she refused and tried to find other alternatives. That was the first time she was introduced to pilates.

Annette then took pilates sessions in a pilates studio around jakarta, started from 10 sessions to 30 sessions. She felt the differences in her back. The pain she felt in her back lessens day by day. Before pilates, her back would hurt each day but now it rarely happens. Pilates became her addiction and she got drawn into it. “I went to Stott Pilates Training Courses. In there, I study pilates further. Most people went to Stott Pilates Training Courses to be a pilates instructor or to be a studio owner. As for me, I went there because I’m simply curious of how does pilates heal my back pain. It is like magic.” Annette then was fascinated with the idea of pilates healthy living.

After researching the possibilities, it finally hit her. “Why don’t I share my back pain and pilates’ experience with other people? So then, people who are experiencing the same experience can avoid having an operation like me. Then, iSometric Pilates studio Jakarta was born.” iSometric Pilates was established on 19th of October 2013.

iSometric Pilates is home for pilates enthusiasts in which located in Jln. Prof. Dr. Soepomo No. 30, 3rd Floor, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia. In here, you can experience pilates based on your needs and capabilities. We provide you a full experience of healthy yet fun pilates movements. iSometric Pilates is a gateway to your pilates healthy living. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t be shy to come by to our pilates studio Jakarta.