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“Pilates for me is an exercise that helps to correct bad postures. Pilates works as a rehabilitation for people who have medical conditions such as scoliosis.”

– Anisa Fitriani (iSometric Pilates Instructor)


Anisa Fitriani, or usually called Anisa, started joining iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta back in October 2016. What first grabbed Anisa’s attention to be a STOTT Pilates instructor in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta were because of the atmosphere and the people. The people are very welcoming and friendly. They welcomed Anisa with big smiles on their faces. On top of that, the atmosphere of the place is very cozy.

STOTT Pilates InstructorBefore Anisa became a pilates instructor, he used to work as a physiotherapist. The reason why she became interested with pilates is because she is able to apply her skills and experiences that she learned from being a physiotherapist in pilates. She knew pilates from a friend of hers. Then, she explored pilates on her own through Internet. Afterwards, she joined iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta and studied a lot more about pilates.


“Pilates is very fun. Although Pilates is not a heavy exercise but it has numerous functions for our bodies!”

– Anisa Fitriani (iSometric Pilates Instructor)


Anisa usually teaches a lot of private one on one pilates workouts classes in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta and usually her specialty is the Pilates Reformer Exercise Equipment.

Being a STOTT Pilates instructor is not always easy. Anisa encountered different type of clients. Each client is unique and the way she handles her clients are different depending on her clients’ attitudes. Thus, it is always challenging each day!

One of the best experiences she had so far was she got to learn various lessons. She learned a lot on how to handle people with different personalities. Moreover, she had a client who has scoliosis. When her client first started pilates, he or she could not lift his or her legs. Then after 20 sessions of pilates, his or her client can lift her legs as well as straighten them.

Mostly, Anisa handles two to three clients a day, but at most she can handles to five clients a day

For you who are interested to have better posture, healthier body and healthier mind, try pilates with us now! Anisa is ready to be your STOTT Pilates instructor! If you want to learn pilates from our STOTT pilates instructor, Anisa, do not be shy to come to iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta. Our studio is located in Tebet! Start your pilates with us today!