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“Pilates is an exercise for both your mind and body! Pilates is a great exercise to correct your posture, especially your bones and muscles. I used to play basketball and I injured my ankle because of it, but after I did pilates for about 10 to 20 sessions, I can walk normally again. The pain also lessens!”

– Andreas Aristo Hatta (iSometric Pilates Instructor)

Andreas Aristo Hatta or in short, Andre, started joining iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta back in 2014. Thus, he has been a STOTT pilates instructor of iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta for about three years.

STOTT pilates instructorBefore Andre became a pilates instructor, he used to work as a personal trainer in gym and he used to do basketball a lot. Then after he was injured, he tried taking pilates classes and became a client. but then he was interested to know more about pilates. Gradually, he became one of the pilates instructors in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta.

Andre knew pilates from Annette Liana Dewi (Read Annette Liana Dewi and He Pilates Healthy Living to know more). Soon, he became interested right after he felt all the benefits he gained from pilates!

In iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, he usually combines pilates with TRX to get that cardio exercises. So, not only you get to try pilates but you can also combine it with other exercises.

As a STOTT pilates instructor, Andre often takes care about two to three clients a day. He teaches both adults and kids (Read Pilates for Kids: A Fun and Healthy Exercise for Your Children to know the benefits of pilates for kids). Based on his experiences, teaching pilates is not easy and it is always challenging to teach new clients.STOTT pilates instructorDid you know that pilates can help you to do other sports? Andre mentioned that pilates has helped him to build a strong core in which can be beneficial when he plays basketball.

One of the best experiences he had so far in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta is he got to meet new people and became friends with them. iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta is like his second home and everyone is his family. The people he has worked with are all very welcoming and friendly. So, he feels comfortable being around everyone.

If you want to learn pilates from our STOTT pilates instructor, Andre, do not be shy to come to iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta. Our studio is located in Tebet! Start your pilates with us today!