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We all know that pilates brings a lot of benefits for our bodies and minds. We know that pilates strengthens core muscles. But, what makes pilates great for mothers around the world? Let’s find out the benefits of pilates for mothers! Attention to all mothers out there, do you want to get back in shape and get that confident? Pilates is the key for you!

In iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, most of our clients who are mothers come to our studio for different reasons. Some mothers came to practice pilates because they have back pain and some came because of experiencing pain around their elbow and wrist.

Why do mothers usually feel pain around their elbow and wrist? Mostly, it happens because they carry their babies too long or too much in which give pressure around the elbow and wrist area.

Household activities such as sweeping, mopping and lifting heavy objects may be some of many reasons why mothers have back pain. This is where pilates can help mothers to lessen the pain.

Pilates helps to strengthen mothers’ back muscles so it may prevent any injuries and pain. The benefits of pilates for mothers are various. Practicing pilates means that you are exercising your pelvic floor, which can improve your blood circulation.

Being a mother can be stressful, starting from experiencing changes in their bodies to adapting to new situations. With pilates, it could help to increase mothers’ confidence. Pilates can help mothers to regain the balance, strength and awareness. This means that pilates can help bringing out that self-confidence, which makes mothers love their own bodies.

pilates for mothersBenefits of pilates for mothers can be retrieved in iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta. We usually teach our mothers these two pilates moves called Back Rowing Preps and Lower and Lift Arc Barrel. With these two moves, it will definitely strengthen your bodies! Come to our studio anytime!