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A study on pilates in America was carried out by Pilates Method Alliance and Pilates Anytime back in August 12th until September 26th, 2016. The survey was done to better understand the landscape of the pilates field. They were able to gain 930 clients and 102 inactive and lapsed clients as a sample.

The study on pilates shows many respondents have practiced pilates for a long time. It also talks about how much time the respondents willing to spend practicing pilates. Moreover, the study could shows how dedicated and loyal the respondents are to pilates.

Based on the study on pilates in America, 48% of respondents have practiced pilates for a long time. 25% of respondents already spent six to nine years, while 23% have experienced pilates for more than 10 years.

study on pilates69% of clients usually spent about two to four times per week for pilates. Only 1% answered they would spent less than once a month. 52% of respondents agree they would practice pilates in pilates studio rather than other places.

The study shows that 95% of respondents perceive pilates is good for them. 87% of respondents believe that pilates improves muscle tone and 84% agrees pilates increases flexibility. Moreover, 83% of respondents consider pilates enhances performance.

The study also talks about how do respondents are encouraged to start pilates. 55% of respondents started based on their personal interest, while 26% started because of a friend of relative or colleague. Others answered because of free class, a medical professional, dance school or teacher, advertising, media and many more.

People in America are used to the idea of pilates. This study helps us to understand why Americans are so fascinated with pilates. Pilates have various benefits for our bodies. In iSometric Pilates Studio Jakarta, you can easily try pilates without travelling far away to America. We offer you the best pilates workouts classes with our friendly STOTT Pilates instructor! Come by anytime and we will greet you by the door.